Hardware & Fastener

Hardware & Fastener

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Product Description

Hardware & Fastener


1) Socket cap head screws (Metric: M1.6 to M36; Unified inch: #00 to 1")

2) Socket flat head screws (Metric:M2 to M20; Unified inch:#0 to 3/4”)

3) Socket button head screws (Metric:M2 to M12: Unified inch:#0 to 5/8")

4) Socket set screws (Metric:M2 to M10: Unified inch:#4 to 1/2”)

5) Machine screws 

Spring Plungers

1) Spring Ball Plungers-Push fit

2) Spring plungers with ball and slotted & hexagon 

3) Spring plungers with pin and slotted  & heaxagon


Dowel pins, Split Spring pins, Coil spring pins, Cotter pins

Retaining Rings

External Retaining Rings, Internal Retaining Rings, E-style external retaining rings

Other Assembly

Soft tip socket set screws, Thread insert, Hex wrench, Washers